One Day Mouse Workshop

Part 1 : Skinning

    • Learn the different incisions and how to determine which is best for your mount
    • Be guided step by step through the process of skinning a small mammal for taxidermy

Part 2 : Fleshing

      • Learn the how and why of fleshing, which is the removal of adhering flesh and fat
      • You will be taught about splitting lips, nose and eyes and turning ears
      • Be guided through the process of washing and degreasing your specimen in preparation for mounting

Part 3 : Form preparation

      • Learn the various ways that forms can be made and be guided through the process of carving a skull for your critter out of rigid foam and wrapping a custom body
      • Learn how to choose the correct wire and wire up your form
      • Perform test fitting and form adjustments

Part 4 : Preservation of skin and mounting

      • Ready your form and skin for mounting – learn eye placement and how to prepare carved skull with eyes and clay for modelling of facial features
      • Learn about different tanning and preservation techniques and be guided through application of dry preservative to your specimen and mounting of the skin over the form
      • Learn techniques to achieve anatomical correctness and sewing for taxidermy

Part 5 : Posing and grooming

      • Pose your critter in a position of your choosing
      • Check over facial features and pin in place
      • Mount onto base if using one

Part 6 : Finishing touches and after care

      • Finally, once your mount is complete we will cover techniques for finishing off your piece at home once it has cured. You will also be taught about ongoing care and maintenance of your piece to ensure it lasts a lifetime

Part 7 : Q&A

      • Q&A
      • Wrap up

Lauren Hundloe


Lauren is a professional taxidermist trained in the United States. She has been delivering one and two day workshops in small mammal and bird taxidermy since 2015 and has held classes in San Francisco and Brisbane. Her inviting taxidermy studio provides the perfect setting for students to learn this age old art. Class sizes are limited so that students receive a high level of support and instruction to optimize learning and ensure that each student walks away with a quality mount they can be proud of.