Custom Workshop


Any of the group workshops can be booked as a one on one or for a private class for your group for an additional $175 on top of the regular workshop cost.

Private workshops can be held for a quirky twist to a special event – think hens parties, Valentine’s Day, or for Easter if you want to resurrect an Easter Bunny!

If you have your own specimen that you would like to preserve, a one on one class or series of classes can be tailored to focus specifically on your project.   Please note that native animals are protected and relevant permits are required for any native wildlife you may want to preserve.  Native birds that have flown into your kitchen window or native animals that you have found on the side of the road are off limits.  Natives will only be allowed on the premises once the relevant permits and movement paperwork have been provided.

Lauren Hundloe


Lauren is a professional taxidermist trained in the United States. She has been delivering one and two day workshops in small mammal and bird taxidermy since 2015 and has held classes in San Francisco and Brisbane. Her inviting taxidermy studio provides the perfect setting for students to learn this age old art. Class sizes are limited so that students receive a high level of support and instruction to optimize learning and ensure that each student walks away with a quality mount they can be proud of.